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Beretta BxSB Needlepoint Wallet

# WL00100120

Our bi-fold needlepoint leather wallet has a custom hand stitch finish. The unique Herringbone design pays homage to our headquarters in the beautiful valley Val Trompia.

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BxSB.  An exciting Beretta collaboration has created a unique way to showcase the history of our 500-year-old company with the craftmanship of US based Smather’s & Branson. 

• English Bull hide leather tanned in Italy
• Hand cut and finishes
• Unique Herringbone fabric design inspired by interior design details at our Italian headquarters in Gardone Val Trompia
• Width closed 5” and 10” open flat
• Height 4”
• Depth 0.25”

Our needlepoint wallets are finished with English bull hides that are tanned in Italy. 

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